Rivanj has 31 inhabitants in Rivanj, and the island covers an area of 4,4 square kilometres. According to legend, the present village was founded in the 16th century by settlers from the island Ugljan. There are only two family names on Rivanj - Radulić and Fatović. The Church of St. Helen is located on the top of a hill with a beautiful view of Zadar and the islands. Rivanj is overgrown with macchia, and below the village, on the southwest coast, there is a small port with a new village by the sea. It is located between the neighbouring islands Ugljan and Sestrunj, with which it has shared the parish church for centuries. Northwest of Rivanj are the islets Tri sestrice sa svjetionikom, and in the northeast is the islet of Jidula. On the northeast side of the island are the bays Dubrinka and Lokvina with beautiful beaches. It is the favourite destination for sport fishermen because the surrounding waters are rich in fish. The closest town is Zadar, with which it is connected with daily ferry and high-speed lines.